With your payment you accept the following terms and conditions:

Once we have send the online ticket to you - in case you want to cancel - you are the only person entitled to get cash refund showing up at the ticket counter of a railway station inside Iran. There is no way to get refunded on your credit card or bank account from the booking center / iranrail as all rights are reserved to the bearer of the online ticket. We cannot refund instead of the ticket issuing train company. Any other claim of refund will be rejected as not conform with terms and conditions.

The following exceptions to this rule apply:

1. We cannot get the ticket because it was sold out in the meantime. You get full refund from us.

2. We made an error on the date of departure (your email proofs): You get full refund from us.

3. We have been unable to deliver tickets in time (email with tickets not delivered within 3 hours before departure): You get full refund from us. For refund routine please see below.

We reserve the right to book in another train than requested with similar departure times on the same day and similar service if the one you requested is unavailable. For example, if you booked one first class night train you might get another first class train for the same night, never a day train nor a second class train.

If you requested private compartment or female only compartment we try to book it but in case it is unavailable we may book in mixed compartment. We try to inform you first but if time is limited (seats are running out) we may decide to book without asking back in other not to make you loose the journey at all. If you paid private compartment and we can get only a mixed one we refund the difference but not the ticket.

Express fee is due to the higher costs of quick money transfer. While we try to deliver express orders within 24h, occasionally it may take up to 48h, especially during weekends and in case of high request. Express tickets with near departure date are processed first.

It is your responsibility to communicate a valid email address and mobile phone number to us. If you do not receive any tickets due to malfunctioning of email please contact us also by phone and/or provide an alternative email. As for the validity of the above terms, we consider tickets delivered once we get clearance from the email server. If the email with the ticket bounces back and cannot be delivered it does not entitle you to ask refund from us.

If you booked bus tickets with us, the same rules as for train tickets apply. Bus Companies usually don't refund any ticket. Make sure to get a boarding card at the bus terminal before boarding the bus.

Iranrail booking service is not a tour operator or agency. It is a forward of the public Internet online ticket sales facility of RAJA and/or other Iranian passenger railway companies. We do not own the tickets in any moment so we cannot refund them. We do the booking in your name and pay for you in Iranian rials after you transferred Euros to us, but from the moment we order the tickets on the system the business and legal relation is between you and the railway company. Iranrail cannot respond for any claim regarding the tickets.

For detailed passenger rights and refund policy please consult the official Raja pages. Please note that tickets purchased online on this site may be refunded only to the bearer in Iranian Rials at a railway station in Iran. Refund must be done before the departure date. We cannot refund the tickets online.

If Iranrail cannot deliver tickets in time (email not delivered within 3 hours before departure) which have already been paid by customer we refund you completly. If you paid by credit card please use the contact form with subject refund in order to get refunded. In case you do not receive your ticket, please check the spam folder of your email account before placing a refund claim. Please reclaim your money within 2 month after payment.