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Laws and Regulations

Passenger Ticket Missing: If a passenger's ticket is lost, he or she may visit the railway station with an online ticketing system while in office and receive a second ticket. There are some considerations in this regard: It should not be less than 45 minutes for the train to depart. It is essential that this ticket is non-refundable and that the original must be reproduced, if any.

Delayed Train Departure: Delays in commencement of trains whose passengers pass through the ticket control room on the platform or inside the train are included in their final delay in the destination of calculation and criterion for compensation.

Delayed train arrival too late: If the delay is not due to natural disasters and is caused by the failure of the railway or the company which is carrying the passenger, if the delay is exceeded (as per the table in this site) to the passenger 50 Percentage of ticket price paid after deduction of services (station services and catering) up to one month after the date of departure. In addition, a free meal is served if skipping meals (breakfast: 8am, lunch: 13pm, dinner: 8pm).

Train delay resulting in passenger departing from next train: If delayed beyond the specified time leading to passenger departing from the next train, if the distance between arrival of the previous train and movement of the next train exceeds 3 hours and both tickets In the name of the passenger, the full ticket for the next train is paid or the passenger is dispatched with the next train. If this delay results in overnight stays, the cost of accommodation and meals will be borne by Raja Company. If you are dispatched with a lower-class train, you will be charged the difference with the ticket, and if you are dispatched on a higher-class train, you will not receive the difference.

Delay of trains and commuters from other vehicles (ships, planes and buses):

Cancellation of Train Schedule: The full ticket may be paid to the passenger at all points of sale within one month of the date of departure or may be pre-arranged for subsequent train tickets.

Cancel Train Ticket Schedule for Ticket Holders: If the round-trip ticket is the same, the full ticket will be paid to the passenger up to one month after the date of departure at all points of sale or will be prioritized for subsequent train tickets. . If the passenger wishes, full refund is also paid. The maximum return ticket is 3 hours before the train departs.

Cancellation of trips during the journey and return of passengers to the base station: If the ticket is in the name of the passenger, the full amount will be paid up to one month after the date of departure at all points of sale.

Canceling a train while traveling and dispatching passengers to other vehicles: If the stop is not caused by natural disasters and travelers arrive late with a specified delay, 50% of the ticket price after deducting services (cost of service and station services). Payable up to one month after the date of departure.

Fully Disabled Ventilation: If the ticket is in the name of a passenger, 50% of the ticket price will be paid to the passenger up to one month after the date of departure under the conditions after deducting the costing and station services.

Forced change of passenger compartment due to wagon breakdown: If ticket is in the passenger's name, if it is transferred to a similar grade in the ticket, 50% of the ticket price after deducting the cost of service and station services and if transferred to A lower-priced coupe or restaurant, etc., will be paid 100% of the basic ticket price after deducting the cost of service and station services up to one month after the departure date.

Ticket issuance for children: For children 2 to 12 years of age, half-price tickets are issued by presenting birth certificates in sales centers or online.

Ticket issuance for children: For children under 2 years of age without space allocation, 10% of the ticket price is issued for the ticket ticket. Half-price tickets will be issued for use in the parental compartment if children under two years apply.

Cancellation and refund of tickets at point-of-sale: Ticket can be canceled up to one hour after export, subject to non-movement of train and opening of point-of-sale, at the ticket issuing center with full payment to the passenger.

Ticketing of passenger trains at all computer ticketing outlets (within business hours of resellers) is refundable by presenting an ID card in accordance with the following rules and does not require a ticket to the Ticket Office.

At present, Internet Ticket Refund is only available for purchases made through Bank Mellat.

Ticket Payment Rules After Refund: Up to 12 days before the train departs, 90% of the ticket price will be paid.

70% of the ticket price is paid from 12 days before departure until 3 hours before train departure.

50% of the ticket price is charged from the 3 hours left until the train departs.

It is not possible to refund tickets after the train leaves.

Special Services of Martyrs and Veterans' Families: It is possible to issue semi-tickets for dear veterans and grand families of witnesses (by providing the original valid ID card) in all sales centers. It is also necessary to have the relevant computer card during the trip for the relevant controls.

If the presence of a person accompanying the veteran is mandatory on the basis of the foundation's diagnosis, the accompanying person's ticket is also issued at a half-price.

Honorable Martyrs and Veterans Family Priority: To honor the honorable martyrs and their esteemed family and dear sacred defense veterans, these dear ones are prioritized when preparing tickets for waiting stations.

Special Services for the Disabled: The Railway Station Rescue Service is ready to serve veterans, the disabled and those in need of medical care.

Wheelchairs are fitted to the main stations, elevator and ramp.

The wheelchair train is available for people in need.

A few reminders

When booking Raja trains with the hotel, the type of room and length of stay should be carefully selected for each ticket. The capacity of the hotel rooms should be proportional to the number of passengers. For example, if you want to travel and book a room individually, one board room must necessarily be selected and multiple board rooms avoided.

Catering on some special trains is optional on request. Therefore, when preparing a ticket and if you wish to receive a train, you will receive the ticket at the appropriate cost.

The above rules related to ticket online refund are overruled by iranrail general conditions. Online refund is available within the terms stated in those general conditions. Ticket refund at a sales point inside Iran is always in Iranian Rials (no foreign currency). It is calculated on the price written on the ticket. Infant tickets are not available for customers of iranrail so far.